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Written by Joe Magee

The long awaited relaunch is quickly approaching.  New content will be going up this week!

Here’s some of the things we’d like to focus on:

  1. More reviews.  We like multiple page long reviews, tons of photos, as much as the next guy.  One of the things we really liked about a lot of the previous content was their beautiful artwork, however, the previous maintainers really struggled with keeping up on content because of it!  Frankly, it’s a lot of work, and this isn’t any of our main jobs.  So we’re going to focus on the things you actually want – quick hitting reviews of a variety of different sticks, so you can get feedback on as many new cigars as possible.
  2. Videos.  Sometimes they’ll be serious, sometimes they’ll be fun.  Depends on how much bourbon is available.
  3. Some long-format content, interviews with industry people, and other unique insights that you won’t find anywhere else.

Keep an eye out THIS WEEK for the relaunch..!

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