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Review: Crowned Heads Jericho Hill OBS

Jericho Hill OBS Head
David Carroll
Written by David Carroll


Jericho Hill OBS Full

“John R. “Johnny” Cash is widely considered to be one of the most influential American musicians of the 20th century. His legacy continues to inspire many, including Crowned Heads. Jericho Hill was inspired by Cash’s rendition of “Cocaine Blues,” found on Cash’s 1968 live album, “At Folsom Prison.” The song is a tale of a man, Willy Lee, who goes down a dark path brought on by the influence of whiskey and cocaine. Willy is captured in Juarez, Mexico, and is brought to justice by the sheriff from Jericho Hill.” –

Jericho Hill OBS Foot

Rolled: My Father Cigars S.A.
Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Quantity smoked: 2
Size: 4.75×52 (Soft Box-Press)
Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan

The Jericho Hill is Crowned Heads fourth regular production release and is their second partnership with My Father after the release of the Las Calaveras EL 2014. The Jericho Hill sports a dark Mexican San Andrés wrapper and comes in four soft box-pressed vitolas, all with names inspired from Johnny Cash’s “At Folsom Prison”. The cold draw and foot aroma give off woody tones, pepper and a faint cocoa.


First Third

From the start wood and pepper take the leading roles and hold onto them firmly. Supporting them is a very mild sweetness along with some faint baking spices that haven’t made themselves pronounced yet. The Jericho Hill produces ample dense smoke that provides a thick mouth-feel allowing flavors to hang around for a long time between draws. Strength comes out at a medium-full.

Jericho Hill OBS Smoking 1

Second Third

The flavor profile in the second third picks up to match the medium-full strength. While the wood and the pepper haven’t gone anywhere there are lots of secondary flavors making their presence known. The faint cocoa aroma from the pre-light shows up as an almost dark/slightly bitter chocolate. Coffee notes come and go throughout the second third. The baking spices are coming through quite clearly as a cinnamon nutmeg now. The level of sweetness seems to be at its highest in this third and with the baking spices it reminds me most of molasses.

Jericho Hill OBS Smoking 2

Final Third

In the final third the strength continues to be solidly in the medium-full range leaving me with a light nic-kick at the end. The flavor profile once more mellows out to closely match the first third with wood and pepper continuing to be prominent. The chocolate, baking spices and sweetness all make appearances but are much more mellow and complimentary rather than standouts.

Jericho Hill OBS Smoking 3


Prominently displaying wood and pepper as the dominant profile along with a molasses sweetness and coffee tones, the Jericho Hill fits decisively into the Regal class.

Right now I feel like the Jericho Hill is right on the line between II. Memorable and III. Satisfying. I have smoked a couple of them and while the profiles have remained the same, the level of sweetness, coffee and chocolate has varied. Since these have not even hit store fronts yet I am willing to bet on My Father’s and Crowned Head’s track records, and my belief is that these will only improve with a little rest, and go with the high average for this cigar.

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