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Review: Nomad Estelí Lot 8613 Toro

Nomad Estelí Lot 8613 Toro 01
Joshua Child
Written by Joshua Child


The Nomad Estelí Lot 8613 is the follow up to the Lot 1386. Unlike the 1368 which was rolled at Noel Rojas’ Aromas De Jalapa factory, the 8613 is rolled at Tabacalera Ferndandez. The cigar is regular production and is offered in the following sizes: Robusto (5 x 50), Coronita (5.5 x 46), Toro (6 x 50), Grand Toro (6 x 58) and Churchill (7 x 48).

Owner of Nomad, Fred Rewey is not offering blend details at the time but indicated that it follows closely with the Nomad Estelí Lot 1368. I have only had the opportunity to smoke the 1368 at Noel’s factory in Estelí right out of the aging room but all I recall from that time is that the cigar was very robust.

Country of Manufacture: Nicaragua
Rolled: Tabacalera Fernandez
Size: 6 x 50
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: $8.75
Sample: Provided by House of Emilio
Release Date: April 6, 2015
Rest: 2.5 Weeks
Quantity smoked: 2

I wanted to try something a little different this time and instead of explaining in detail the way the cigar looks I would let the pictures do the talking. Suffice it to say the cigar is very well constructed and feels quite solid. I didn’t take down the pre-light aromas and cold draw this time but the smoking is all that matters right?

Nomad Estelí Lot 8613 Toro 04


First Third

The Nomad Esteli 8613 starts out with a medium-bodied profile and a punchy red-pepper on the nose and tongue. The profile has a peaty smokiness (reminding me of scotch) in the background beneath an earthiness and a damp woody note that boarders on mushroom. There is a subtle sweetness in the background with a slight tartness that lingers into the finish. As the third progresses, the natural sweetness rises along with the red pepper. Smoke production is excellent, draw is perfect and burn-line is razor sharp. Strength and body right below medium-full.

Nomad Estelí Lot 8613 Toro 05

Second Third

The creaminess and natural sweetness take a half-step up which was a welcome change. On the opposite end the tartness on the finish becomes more of a citrus. The bulk of the profile is still damp woods, scotch smokiness, earth and red-pepper that tingles the tongue, but especially the sinuses after a retro-hale. Towards the halfway mark some subtitles arrive on the retro-hale: touches of salt, floral and graham. The natural sweetness takes on some depth becoming more of a brown sugar and mixes nicely with the creamy finish, making me salivate. Moving into the final third the pepper declines to the medium level as the strength and body slowly rise to medium-full.

Nomad Estelí Lot 8613 Toro 06

Final Third

Moving along, the smokiness, while lessened, is still a key player. It’s possibly the only element of the cigar I don’t fully enjoy. Otherwise, the final third has to be my favorite with a chewy, thick smoke that delivers notes of woods, brown sugar sweetness, florals/citrus, light graham. Everything is exceptionally balanced, especially as the pepper becomes more muted. Towards the end, the smokiness combines with coffee to create a strong espresso finish with a some remaining damp wood. The draw was as good as it gets (slightly snug) and allowed for a voluminous smoke output. Construction was simply excellent. Strength and body ran parallel until the very end where the strength finally ramps up to full. Body stayed around medium-full.

Nomad Estelí Lot 8613 Toro 07


You would think the ever-present, understated smokiness of the Lot 8613 would stamp it a Coal Miner but it was more of a steady base flavor than an overtone. The juxtaposition of bright citrus/floral and smokiness puts this into a category of its own. Brown sugar sweetness, notes of graham, pepper and woods round out the profile.

This sample was very complex and featured interesting transitions but my first sample was more basic and not quite as sweet. Perhaps the extra week of time in the humidor let its true nature surface or maybe it was simply the common variation from cigar to cigar. The undercurrent of smokiness, while unique, was a tad out of place place for me but I suspect some will love it. The construction on both was what absolutely stood-out, giving me fabulous smoke production and a razor sharp burn-line. The Nomad Estelí 8613 tipped the scales to III. Satisfying, and I’m intrigued to smoke another.

Nomad Estelí Lot 8613 Toro 08

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  • bob langmaid

    Excellent review and I can’t wait to try this smoke!

    • http://www.cigarmemoir.com/ Joshua Child

      Thanks Bob. I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to see what it does with some age because there is definitely enough power behind it that it should age beautifully. A.J. Stuff usually does!

      • bob langmaid

        Would love to get my hands on some and let them rest!