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Review: Cohiba Siglo VI (Cuba)

Kyle Freeman
Written by Kyle Freeman


I’m always excited to review a Cuban cigar and the Cohiba brand is one that really sticks out as a must try. This Siglo VI from 2012 was sent in from Norway and unfortunately got a lot of wrapper damage from shipping. Regardless, I was going to smoke it so I decided I would still review it, but of course the damage was taken into consideration and fortunately didn’t impact the cigar much. The wrapper is a smooth, golden brown with a faint musty aroma on top of the traditional Cuban smell. A nice triple cap on top and a well packed foot made for an impeccable construction.

Country of Manufacture: Cuba
Rolled: El Laguito
Size: 5.875×52
Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba
MSRP: $24.00
Sample: Sent in for review
Quantity smoked: 1
Age: Box-date – 2012



Almost any Cuban cigar is going to fit very well in the Marquee class. Endless amounts of cedar, leather, cream and nuttiness embody this cigar. The finish was so smooth with a nice addition of pepper and a musty note. Through the retro-hale this cigar produced an extremely flavorful experience that was almost impossible to describe. It was a combination of all the flavors packed together and delivered at the same time.

Even though this sample had a damaged wrapper, the binder was intact which made for a fantastic smoking experience. I had to make a few minor touch-ups on the burn, but that never affected the great flavors from start to finish. By the end I enjoyed the full bodied blend that this cigar delivered with its rich complexity and that smooth iconic Cuban profile. This cigar is ready to smoke with little age and something I’m sure would smoke even better with more age. If you’re looking for a very satisfying Habano, look no further.


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Kyle Freeman

Kyle Freeman

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