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Review: Caldwell Cigars Yellow Cake

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Joshua Child
Written by Joshua Child


The Yellow Cake is an event-exclusive 4×44 petite corona that utilizes scrap tobaccos from three lines the company produces at Tabacalera William Ventura in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican corojo wrapper can be found on the Long Live the King and the filler is left over from the production of the Eastern Standard and King is Dead. The cigar is handed out to attendees of Caldwell Cigar events and will not be seen on the shelves.

Only two cigars are shown here but the little brown paper bag comes with 3. The minute they came into my possession I couldn't help myself and lit one up.

Only two cigars are shown here but the little brown paper bag comes with 3. The minute they came into my possession I couldn’t help myself and lit one up.

Country of Manufacture: Dominican Republic
Rolled: Tabacalera Ventura
Size: 4×44 Belicoso
Wrapper: Dominican Corojo from Long Live the King
Binder: Scrap tobacco from Eastern Standard & King is Dead
Filler: Scrap tobacco from Eastern Standard & King is Dead
MSRP: Free Event-Exclusive
Sample: provided by Caldwell Cigar Co.
Quantity smoked: 3

Pre-Light Notes:

The construction of these little cigars is quite good. Each one was well packed, solidly rolled and quite hefty for being so diminutive. The wrapper is a medium brown featuring a bit of tooth on its surface and a nice oily sheen. It’s a very appealing cigar and the minute I pulled one out of the brown paper bag I wanted to light it up immediately, and did.

  • Wrapper: bit of manure and earth
  • Foot: Touch a burnt Chile like a chipotle
  • Cold Draw: Perfect draw. Chipotle, leather with a touch of pepper, mineral-earth and a lingering sweetness

Caldwell Cigars Yellow Cake 04


First Half

The first 10 puff’s deliver flavors in three parts. The first a little bit of pepper tickles on the retro-hale, next a tangy sweetness washes over the palate and lastly some earthy minerality lingers on the aftertaste. A short time later a touch of charcoal arrives and hints of leather come and go in the profile. The Yellow Cake burns nice and slow and produces a fairly chewy smoke. The tangy sweetness and pepper really begin to ramp up the closer I get to the half. I don’t often enjoy when a cigar has a clay-like mineral tasting finish but the tangy sweetness and pepper actually make for a solid combination. Depending on the sample the mineral-earth can be a bit much or rather subdued. This is most likely due to the short-filler nature of this cigar. I begin to get a powdery texture on my palate near the half that mingles with the abundant sweetness for a flavor/sensation combo redolent of powdered sugar. A lovely bready/toasty aroma arrives a short time later and once its united with the rest of the sensations it lends itself to the name Yellow Cake. To quote George Rodriguez of Rodrigo Cigars, “If you use your imagination, they taste just like yellow cake.” Both body and strength are medium-full by the half.

Caldwell Cigars Yellow Cake 05

Second Half

Shortly after the half the solid ash dropped off in a clump and the cigar went out. I noticed with each of the three samples I had to re-light them a few times throughout smoking which proved to be a minor, but notable annoyance. Flavor wise the earth becomes more prominent alongside the sugar on the finish and the previously subtle charcoal smokiness intensifies. The closer I get to the nub the pepper also ramps up, tingling the lips and tongue due to the heat. Wood, sweet toast and pepper dominate the retro-hale for most of this half. Body and strength are right at medium-full which impressed me for such a small vitola.

Caldwell Cigars Yellow Cake 06


This classification might seem irregular considering Coal Miner is frequently the home of maduro’s but the dominant mineral-earth flavors on the finish and the occasional trace of charcoal smokiness give the Yellow Cake a home in our class system. While it’s certainly an unorthodox Coal Miner, it does not feel out of place.

The Yellow Cake makes for a nice little cigar for those times you want a quick, quality smoke. It’s full-flavored, fairly balanced and packs some punch. If it weren’t for the combustion issues I’d have rated these petite coronas even higher. If you manage to get your hands on a 3-pack you’re in for an interesting, sweet little treat. Just remember to use your imagination.

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