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Review: Bill Bromley Butter Toro

Bill Bromley Butter Toro 04
Joshua Child
Written by Joshua Child


To get a full scoop on Bill Bromley and his story, read this article from a few years ago.

The short version is Bill Bromley Cigars are a small outfit from Southern California with 5 different cigars in their line-up: OG, Nuke, The Rookie, The Creeper and lastly Butter. The cigars are made in conjunction with Oscar Valladares in Honduras. Oscar Valladares is best known for his LEAF by Oscar, a project done with Island Jim. The LEAF by Oscar Corojo recently made our Favorite Cigars of 2014 list

Bill Bromley Butter Toro 03
Country of Manufacture: Honduras
Rolled: Oscar Valladares Tobacco and Co
Size: 6×50 Belicoso
Wrapper: Sumatra Claro
Binder: Ecuadorian
Filler: Nicaraguan, Honduran, Panamanian
MSRP: $11
Sample: provided by Bill Bromley Cigars
Quantity smoked: 3

The Bill Bromley Butter features a practically perfect cylindrical shape with an exceptional triple cap and an evenly packed foot. It has an incredibly solid feel to it when squeezed with a tiny bit of give. The wrapper is a dark nutty brown, has barnyard aroma’s with sweet hints of nuts and hay. The foot smells earthier with some cedar and pepper. The perfect pulling cold draw brings a lot of hay with a combination of cedar, nuts and leather in the background.

Bill Bromley Butter Toro 01


First Third

Sometimes it’s hard not to let the name of a cigar influence your impressions of it. So it’s no surprise when I tell you the first thing I notice about this cigar is its buttery character. What I mean by butter is it provides flavors of cream, touches of salt with a thick oily residue on the long finish. The retro-hale is smooth and with a low-end pepper tingle. The smoke delivers more complexity to the sinuses with notes of earth, cream, cashews and hay with a whisper of that saltiness. A medium molasses-like sweetness binds it all together. The construction is just about perfect with great draw, a decent burn-line and a nice solid ash. It doesn’t produce clouds of smoke, but the smoke is oily, smooth and full of flavor. The intensity of the flavors is around medium-full but the body and strength stick around mild to mild-medium.

Bill Bromley Butter Toro 05

Second Third

Rounding into the second third the Bill Bromley Butter begins to consume and coat the palate in flavor. The flavors are clean, intense and linger between puff’s on a long oily finish. Flavor-wise things don’t change a lot but they do begin to evolve in a subtle manner. The nuttiness and hay come forward in the profile while the sweetness bumps up. Still, touches of salt remain on the retro-hale with a cedary scent. The cigar is the definition of buttery smooth with only the slightest hint of pepper on the retro-hale only. The body and strength settle right below medium and construction remains solid.

Bill Bromley Butter Toro 06

Final Third

Things continue to evolve going into the final third where the hay notes take prominence. Things are still smooth, creamy, and nutty with hints of cedar and earth. The flavors do darken a little and I begin to get some leather on the retro-hale with a touch of charcoal. Construction remains a high point with a continuance of the solid burn, draw and smoke production. Strength and body never rise above medium.

Bill Bromley Butter Toro 07


A creamy cigar with flavors earth, nuts, cedar and hay and a whisper of saltiness. Mild-medium and easy going, it’s a great morning smoke with a coffee.

What I really enjoyed about the Bill Bromley Butter was its classic Connecticut style leanings. Lately the industry has been trending towards full-bodied cigars with lots of pepper but the Butter stays in the mild-medium range with excellent balance, creamy qualities and an easy-going character. If mild-medium Connecticut’s are in your wheelhouse you’ll love this Sumatra wrapped blend. If you’re a full-bodied guy it probably won’t be your cup of tea. The construction was fantastic on all 3 samples, with perfect triple caps, a perfect draw and excellent burn qualities. In our opinion, Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Co. are producing some of the best Honduran cigars on the market, and the Butter is just more evidence of that.

Bill Bromley Butter Toro 08

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