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News: Mitchell Orchant introduces Inca – Secret Blend from Peru

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British retailer Mitchell Orchant is set to introduce Inca – Secret Blend to the U.S. but here’s the interesting part, the cigar is 100% Peruvian tobacco.

I’ve been working on creating a new and unique cigar for the last 3 years and have finally been able to release the first batch of 500 boxes in two sizes. It’s unique because it’s the only 100% Peruvian cigar on the market. 100% Hand made with premium long filler aged tobacco. I launched a similar Peruvian cigar to the UK market 3 years ago and it is now our best-selling New World brand in the UK.

The cigar is named after the Inca Empire from the 13th century. According to the website, it uses 3-year aged Peruvian tobacco and possesses “a unique taste profile that is special to Peru. The pleasant sweet and creamy flavor profile provides a smooth and clean finish on the palate”. The cigar is set for a Summer release and will presumably make an appearance at the IPCPR trade show.

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The cigars are rolled at Tabacalera del Oriente in Peru and will initially come in two sizes:

  • Tambo (6 × 50) — $9.50 (Cabinet of 20, $190) — 500 boxes
  • Imperio (6 × 60) — $10.25 (Cabinet of 20, $205) — 500 boxes

Mitchell Orchannt is the managing director of C.Gars Ltd, a company with the largest collection of retailers in the U.K. Check out this link to read about the company’s history. In 2012 they introduced Secret Blend cigars to the UK market.

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  • William Burke

    I’d love to try this. But I wonder what will happen to blends such as this one if Cuban tobacco becomes more available to blenders.

    Do you think Cuba will produce surplus tobacco for export when trade with Cuba opens up?

    What are your thoughts?

    • Joshua Child

      Form what I understand Cuba is already at max capacity in terms of their tobacco production. Remember, they supply the rest of the world with Cuban cigars and contrary to what you would think the entire island of Cuba does not grow tobacco. There are specific growing regions that are best suited for the task and they aren’t as expansive as you would think.

      I do think some tobacco will make it into blenders hands and Cuban cigars will certainly take out a lot of brands we know and love if the embargo ends. I don’t think the embargo is ending any time soon (5 years) because it’s going to take an act of congress and I’m not sure if it’s politically viable at the moment.

      You know what though? There are too many variables to think about so rather than sit there all day worrying about the stuff I just try to enjoy what we’ve got right now and smoke some Cubans on the side while they’re relatively inexpensive and the quality is decent. I know if the embargo ever ends we’re going to see the price of Cubans sky-rocket and the quality drop. It’s supply and demand my friend.

      • William Burke

        While some restrictions on Cuban trade were passed before JFK’s executive order, this order greatly expanded the embargo in scope. Several further restrictions were subsequently passed by Congress, one during the Clinton administration. I wonder if another executive order could lift some restrictions and get the ball rolling? What president, I cannot say. 😛

        I agree 5 years is a reasonable estimate, though. Time to order a few Havana singles, I guess, and wait.

        I do wonder if there are other areas for suitable for cultivation in Cuba that simply haven’t been tapped because there was no further demand?