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News: Drew Estate Reveals “Smoking Monk”

Smoking monk by drew estate
Kyle Freeman
Written by Kyle Freeman

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Just before Christmas, Jonathan Drew posted on his Facebook and Instagram accounts about his newest boutique project that went live immediately, exclusive to Cigars International called the Smoking Monk by Drew Estate.

“These handmades are specially blended to pair with specific styles of craft beer – so that the cigar enhances the flavor notes in the beer and vice versa.” – Jonathan Drew

5 blends will be sold in boxes of 20 ($124.99), and 5-Packs ($36.00) and come in only one size, 6.5×54 toro.

Hefewiezen – A crisp and smooth Connecticut that’s loaded with nuances of cedar, sweet cream, vanilla, and pepper. Mild.
Imperial Stout – This dark and rich maduro blend delivers hearty notes of chocolate, coffee, sweetness, and spices. Medium to full.
American IPA – A surprisingly unique profile filled with smoky-sweet notes, and hints of pepper, fruit, and oak. Medium.
Porter – This deep brown-colored maduro offers a toasty tobacco core backed by rich, sweet notes of cocoa, espresso, and honey. Medium.
Triple Belgian – Spicy, complex, and brimming with flavors of earth, fruit, and pepper backed by a warm, rich aroma. Medium to full.

“SMOKING MONK by Drew Estate” is a boutique project that went live tonight, exclusively for Cigars International. These Handmades are specially blended to pair with specific styles of craft beer – so that the cigar enhances the flavor notes in the beer and vice versa. Those of you who have drank with JD, know that I often enjoy a craft beer while I’m drinking a rye or bourbon. The flavors become super pronounced and outright bangin … The Smoking Monk has that same dualocity effect, even if I just made the damn word up … Hefewiezen – Mild-bodied with creamy notes of vanilla and a sweet finish. Imperial Stout – Hearty, medium to full-bodied blend with nuances of cacao and sweetened dark roast coffee. American IPA – Medium-bodied with a zesty flavor profile of citrus, spice, and slight smoky finish. Porter – Well-balanced, medium-bodied blend filled with notes of dark chocolate, coffee, and caramel. Triple Belgian – Medium to full-bodied with a rich, complex tobacco flavor and a spicy finish. #de4L #letsdoittogetherjd

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